About Our Products

Our beef comes from calves born on the Mission Ranch to mother cows that were also born and raised on the Mission Ranch. Our cattle are the product of many years of a highly selective breeding program designed to produce high quality and healthy beef. The animals never leave the ranch and are under our care up to the point of processing. They never go to a feedlot. That is what makes Mission Ranch unique – humane, healthy, great tasting and environmentally friendly beef.

All Natural

The Mission Ranch raises All Natural Black Angus beef, which means no antibiotics or growth hormones are present in the animal’s system at the time of processing. Antibiotics are not used in Mission Ranch beef unless an animal is ill. If an animal is sick, we will give them the necessary antibiotics, but they will then be sold through a different avenue. In addition, our beef does not contain any artificial flavoring, coloring, chemical preservative, or any other artificial or synthetic ingredient. We process our beef in Columbus, MT at a USDA inspected processor.

Finishing Process

Grain finished

Mission Ranch grain finished cattle are fed a high energy grain based ration for 90 days during the finishing phase while enjoying access to grazing and clear natural spring water, right here on the ranch. We target a Choice Plus Quality Grade or higher to ensure maximum marbling. Grain finished beef is tender and well marbled. Maximum marbling produces a higher grade of beef and increases flavor and tenderness.

Grass finished

Mission Ranch grass finished cattle enjoy rich Yellowstone River bottom land grass and clear natural spring water. Their feed is supplemented with Mission Ranch hay during the winter months. All of our beef is natural. Grass finished takes that philosophy one step further. Grass finished beef is flavorful and high in Omega 3’s. 

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