Mission Statement

 What we Believe…

  • The ranching lifestyle and industry is something to be preserved and sustained
  • Animals should be treated humanely and live how they were created to be
  • Animals should live and be handled in a low stress environment
  • The land we operate should be respected, cared for, and run sustainably
  • The meat we eat should be free of hormones, antibiotics, and artificial ingredients
  • The meat we eat should taste good, really good

We offer both grain and grass finished beef in a variety of packages and bundles. To find the right package for you check out our products.


Mission Ranch History

Located 10 miles east of Livingston, Montana, at the base of the Absaroka Mountain Range, the Mission Ranch Beef Co. specializes in raising tender, high quality, All Natural, Certified Black Angus, Montana Beef.

The Mission Ranch was established as a ranch at the turn of the century (1900). It was originally a dairy ranch. In fact, the Mission barn was a milking barn, and the milk it produced supplied the development at Yellowstone Park, less than an hour to the south. In 1944, our grandparents, Almon and Florence Walborn purchased the Mission Ranch where they lived and ranched until 1990, when Almon’s age and health prevented him from doing so. The ranch was taken over by his daughter, Zena (1945-2003). Currently, her adult children, Rob Stephens, Darcy LaBeau, and Zena Dell Lowe, with their families, continue to work together to operate the Mission Ranch. We are fourth generation Montana natives and Montana is still our home. We understand the importance of preserving the legacy and heritage that was entrusted to us. In doing so we offer healthy and delicious all natural beef directly to our customers.  High quality, affordable, straight from the ranch, no hormones or antibiotics, and environmentally sustainable. From our family to yours.

Ranch Managers

The Mission Ranch is proud to include Austin and Jaimie Stoltzfus as managers and “family”. They joined us June of 2014. Together with their young children, Kaycen and Elliotte, they are the heart and brains of the Ranch. As a family they embody the spirit of the west and cowboy way. Fully immersed in the ranching lifestyle, they work, play, and worship as a ranching family. Their partnership with our family has been important and strategic in preserving and growing the heritage we honor.

Austin was born and raised on a ranch in Colorado and is a graduate from Colorado State University. Jaimie is a double major graduate from Colorado State University. After getting married they moved to Montana in 2009. Since, they have intentionally engaged in acquiring and using the most progressive and effective ranching practices, complementing their education and implemented through experience. They are passionate about ranching and raising their family in the lifestyle they love.

Jaimie also owns and operates Cowgirl Meat Co, a producer of pork. As a mother of two, she recognized the importance of feeding her family high quality food, assured of its source. That desire inspired her to start raising pork for her own family. She soon found that quality pork was valued by the same families who valued our beef. As the exclusive seller, it is our pleasure to include Cowgirl Meat Co pork into our product line!

Come by and see where your dinner lives! On any given day you’ll likely find us atop a horse, riding through the cows, or in some other way enjoying the ranch, because ranching is truly what we love to do. And we would love to show you around! Come for an extended stay on the ranch in our Lodge or Farm House and enjoy the meat raised here during your stay.

The Lodge

The Mission Ranch Lodge is the perfect get away for visitors who want to experience a truly authentic Montana vacation while also enjoying modern, upscale, western accommodations. Guests of the Lodge enjoy exclusive access to our 4,500-acre working cattle ranch.

Five bedrooms, five and a half bathrooms, large kitchen, spacious living room with gas fireplace, dining room, two additional sitting areas with flat screen TV’s, laundry facilities with an extra refrigerator, two car garage, and a private porch overlooking Mission Creek, which includes an outdoor BBQ and a large custom-built outdoor dining table.

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“Last year I bought 1/4 of a whole beef, a little apprehensive at first, because it was going to be a lot of meat for just Janet and me. However, thanks to the invention of freezers, we have managed to keep it fresh and I cannot tell you how good it has been! I paid almost half of what I would have paid for high-end beef at the grocery store for the equivalent quality (Choice and Premium)”

Jorge A. Gutiérrez Spring, TX

“The beef we ordered from Mission Ranch Beef has been a pleasant surprise. My husband and I work in the healthcare and fitness professions and know how important wholesome nutrition is for your body. It is reassuring to know that we are eating quality beef that is organically fed and hormone-free.”

Sharon BinkleyCertified Fitness Nutrition Specialist Breakaway Fitness (www.breakawayfit.com)

“Our family has totally enjoyed having quality beef in our freezer. It makes meal planning easy and makes Sam and I happy to know that we can give our kids a quality meal with little effort. Plus, the monthly payment plan helps our family make our food budget each month. Quality beef at a reasonable price. We couldn't be happier.”

Sam & April BennettBozeman, MT

MRB Quality

All Mission Ranch Beef Co. Products are vacuum sealedUSDA inspected, and priced for free local delivery.

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